Accommodation providers join Travelife after completing a registration form and paying a fee that includes 2-years membership and an audit.  They then have access to tools and resources that help them prepare for their audit and certification. 

Simply being a Member does not necessarily mean a property is certified or necessarily has any sustainability credentials.  It only means that they have taken the first step, so travel companies should always use Travelife Gold Certification as a means of identifying a property that has demonstrated compliance against the Travelife Standard.

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The Travelife Audit

When the hotel is ready (usually 3 to 6-months after joining) they request an audit.  The Travelife team then search for a suitable auditor from our global team of around 60 auditors who are independently contracted by us.  Once we find an auditor that is available to visit the hotel and who speaks the right language, an audit date will be fixed.

The auditor carries out an onsite audit that normally takes 6 to 8 hours and takes place over one day.  This can be shorter for small hotels and longer for larger or more complex properties.  The auditor looks for evidence that the property has complied to each of the requirements in the Travelife Standard and then submits a report to Travelife within 7-days.

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Quality check and improvements

The Travelife Certifications, Compliance and Quality Control team in London then give the report a quality check.  Once they are satisfied that the auditor has conducted the audit correctly and has seen sufficient evidence, the report is made available to the hotel.  This process can take up to 30-days during peak auditing periods.

If the property met all of our requirements, they are Travelife Gold Certified.  The certification is valid for two years from their audit date, at which point they will need to undergo another audit to ensure they can still provide evidence that they comply with the Travelife Standard. 

If the property failed 40 or more of our requirements, they will need to pay for and schedule another audit if they wish to continue with the certification process.

If the property failed less than 40 requirements, then they will be advised about what improvements they need to make and what evidence they need to provide to Travelife in order to become certified.  They must begin this process within one month of receiving their audit report and complete it within 6-months.  If they are unable to comply within this time frame then they will need to pay for and schedule another audit.

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If you have any questions or would like some advice, then one of the Travelife team will be happy to help.  Simply email us at or call us on +44(0)20 3693 0160