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Important! This site provides checklists and support materials for audits before 1st January 2024.

If you need support for audits taking place from 1st January 2024 onwards, please click here to visit the new customer support website.

Other news & updates

New auditing & certifications system

We are very excited to let our Members know that from January 2021 we launched a new certifications and auditing system that will replace the current Technical Zone.  It has been custom built for Travelife and will allow you to access information about your audit, work on post-audit improvements, manage your property profile and access this Member Zone using a single log-in.  This new system is called Evergreen and you can click here for more information, or watch the March webinar videos for a short demonstration.

New self-assessment tool

We have designed a new self-assessment tool to help all of our Members prepare for their Travelife audit.  There are different versions for new Members and those renewing their certification, as well as for different sized properties.  Click here to visit our brand new Audit Preparation page to view and download the new tools.

New Travelife Sustainability E-learning

A new suite of e-learning modules have been designed to educate our Members about different areas of the Travelife Standard.  These cover energy, water, waste, hazardous substances, community engagement, child safeguarding, sustainable procurement, biodiversity and animal welfare.  There is also an 'Introduction to Travelife' course that is especially useful for staff who are new to certification or who would like to refresh their knowledge about the general Travelife certification requirements.  Click here to view the available courses.

New Sustainability Toolkit

We have made improvements to the tools and resources we have available for our Members.  Click here to visit the new Sustainability Toolkit where you will find a variety of templates, examples and guides in English, Spanish, Greek and Turkish.