Payment of your Membership Fee forms acceptance of these terms and formally enters you into an agreement with Travelife. Please ensure that you have carefully read and understood these terms, and that you have permission to enter into this agreement on behalf of your company.

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Summary of Key Terms 

Whilst it is important that you read this agreement in full, here is a summary of some of the key terms our Members want to understand.

Membership Fee and Duration

  • The Membership Fee includes a 2-year Travelife Membership and one audit.  Should you require an additional audit this will be at your own cost.
  • The 2-year Membership begins on the date we receive payment from you.
  • The Membership Fee is non-refundable.


  • It is expected that you will have an audit within 6-months of starting your Membership.  You can have one later but if you have not had an audit before your Membership expires you will not be refunded the cost of the audit.
  • You will need to work with Travelife and the auditor assigned to you to arrange an audit date.  Should you cancel a confirmed audit date you may be charged a cancellation penalty up to a total value of €1,500 to cover any non-refundable travel arrangements the auditor has made.
  • On the day of the audit, you will need to ensure that the auditor can have access to all staff on duty and all areas of the hotel, including a selection of unoccupied guest rooms.
  • We encourage our auditors to provide detailed reports that we carefully quality check, so you may need to wait up to 28 working days after your audit to receive your Audit Report.


  • In order to be certified you will need to pass all of the criterion on the Travelife Standard.
  • If your Audit Report shows that you passed all criterion then you will immediately be certified and receive your Travelife Gold certification.
  • If your Audit Report shows that you failed less than 40 criterion, you will be advised by Travelife about what improvements you need to make and what additional evidence we need to see.  You will need to start these improvements within 1-month of receiving your report and complete them within 6-months of receiving your report.  If you do not complete the improvements to a satisfactory standard within 6-months, you will not be certified and will need to pay for an additional audit should you wish to continue with certification. 
  • If you fail more than 40 criterion, you will not be certified and will be required to pay for an additional audit should you wish to continue with the certification process. 

The Membership Agreement