Human rights



For some properties, respecting and supporting human rights will be very simple to implement and for others it will be more complex.  What you do depends on the size of your property and the destination you are in. 

For example, a large business has a greater influence, so they have more responsibility than small businesses.  Also, if you are in a remote location where the majority of local people are indigenous, you will have very different considerations than a hotel by a major international airport.  You will need to do more research about how to protect indigenous peoples whereas an airport hotel might be primarily focussed on the labour aspects of human rights.

Another important consideration is what your local and national laws include.  For example, the European Union has many laws that protect human rights and fair labour conditions.  It is still important for properties in the EU to ensure they fully comply with the Travelife Standard, however, some aspects may be easier to follow because the local guidelines are clear and well enforced. 

Members in countries that lack strong laws will need to do more work on this by researching international guidelines and may also find that their laws in their own country contradict the Travelife Standard.  For example, Travelife states that you must not discriminate based on gender or sexual orientation and some countries have this discrimination written into their laws.  For guidance on how to deal with unique issues like this, please contact the Travelife team in London.


The best policy and plan will address things that are of unique concern to your community and your staff.  For example, if medical care is extremely expensive in your destination, then that would be something your property might have the power to help with, either through subsidising care for your own staff or by supporting initiatives that address the problem.

If your staff are concerned by homelessness or education, then focus on supporting those areas first.  The more involved your staff feel in deciding where to direct your efforts, the more likely they, your guests and your community will be to support you.


A Travelife auditor will ask to see evidence that you are complying with all of the human rights and labour-related areas of the Travelife Standard.  Be sure that you have the relevant documentation and records available to show them.