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Information to help hoteliers make decisions about how to ensure they are putting the health and safety of people first, whilst minimising their environmental impacts and continuing their important community support work, as well as caring for their staff. 

Your sustainability work and COVID-19 prevention measures will only be effective if you have the support and cooperation of your guests. In this guide we have provided some tips and examples to give you ideas for your own communications.

Information for travellers about the things they can do to support COVID-19 recovery, and to travel responsibly so they can help build back a better tourism industry.

Audits during the COVID-19 pandemic

We know that our Members around the world are facing operational difficulties due to the pandemic, with many hotels facing long-term closures, staff cuts and other cost reduction measures, alongside having to invest more time and money in COVID-19 prevention measures, all whilst coping with an unprecedented drop in occupancies. 

Sustainability remains a critical issue for tourism, with increased focus on climate change and how our industry impacts local communities and economies.  For that reason, we have put in place some new measures to help hotels achieve and/or maintain certification during this challenging time. 

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New audit preparation resources

We have e-learning modules to support new staff or those that need a refresher, along with a simplified self-assessment tool and numerous templates, examples and guides to help you understand how to comply with our requirements. 
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Special considerations around waste, water and chemicals

Many of you are being asked to use more chemicals, water and single-use plastics in order to implement coronavirus prevention measures.  Our auditors have been warned about this and we will be using more discretion when assessing compliance due to these issues.
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Advice for hotels with unusual operating conditions

We understand that many properties will have made changes to normal operations due to the pandemic. If you are not sure if your audit can or should go ahead, you can contact us for advice.
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COVID-19 safety during audits

We have given our auditors a number of recommendations about how to reduce COVID-19 transmission risks when they are auditing and share these with hotels before their audit.
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Flexible policies

You  have 6-months to make any improvements identified during your audit with further extensions available for hotels that close after their audit takes place.  We are also offering certification extensions to properties that are closed when their audit is due and will reschedule your audit at no cost if it is cancelled at the last minute due to new travel restrictions or an outbreak at your property.
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Discounted COVID-19 membership renewal fees

We have discounted our normal membership renewal fees in recognition of how challenging the pandemic is for all of our Members.  These prices are valid for renewals that are paid before 30th June 2022.

These rates apply to all memberships that expire before 30th June 2021 and replace any usual early renewal discounts that are offered
Property SizeNormal 2-year Membership Renewal FeeSpecial Covid-19 Recovery 2-year Membership Renewal Fee
(total maximum occupancy of 1 to 30 guests)
(total maximum occupancy of 31 to 160 guests)
Medium & Large
(total maximum occupancy of 161 to 1,000 guests)
(total maximum occupancy of 1,001 + guests)

These rates apply to all memberships that expire before 30th June 2021 and replace any usual early renewal discounts that are offered
Group SizeNormal 2-year Membership Fee
(per property)
Special Covid-19 Recovery 2-year Membership Fee
(per property)
(10 to 15 properties)
(16 to 25 properties)
Medium (26 to 50 properties)€1,390€1,215
(51 to 100 properties)
Very Large
(101+ properties)
Properties with a maximum nightly guest occupancy of more than 1,000 guests may be charged higher fees.

Certification extensions for properties that are closed due to COVID-19

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Click here to read our policy about what happens if you or your auditor needs to cancel your scheduled audit due to COVID-19.

All Members with Travelife Gold Certifications due to expire AND who are closed because of COVID-19 when their audit is due will have their Travelife Gold Certification extended until they open.

Members with certification extensions must have the Travelife COVID-19 Declaration of Certification Compliance document signed by a senior manager at their business.  This document will contain the new certification expiry date and will verify their extension.  If the property is still closed when the new expiry date arrives, then we will give them a further extension.

If a property is open we will expect them to be audited as normal and to pay any membership renewal fee due, although we will be offering special COVID-19 renewal discounts.

If a property has already received a certification extension then reopens, we will expect them to have their audit within 30-days of their opening date and they will also need to pay any renewal fee due before the audit takes place, also receiving COVID-19 renewal discounts.

If a property has an extension with a valid and signed Declaration of Certification Compliance, they will still be able to use their Travelife Gold logo, be listed on the Travelife Collection website and we will include them on our regular updates to tour operators.


Even if a property is open and due to be audited, COVID-19 restrictions may prevent us from sending an auditor to them.  If this happens they will be offered further extensions on a month-by-month basis until Travelife can complete the audit.  They will need to sign a new Declaration of Certification Compliance each time this occurs.

Under normal circumstances we would never extend a Member's certification.  This is to protect the credibility and integrity of Travelife Certification, an important way that we manage reputational risk for ourselves, our Members and the tour operators that support us.  However, the COVID-19 pandemic presents all of us with unprecedented challenges and we know that many of our Members our closed so will not be able to undertake audits, not will we always be able to send auditors to carry out audits due to travel restrictions and general safety concerns during the pandemic.

We have made a decision that while a property is closed, the reputational risk is very low.  However, we still need to take steps to protect our the credibility and integrity of Travelife Gold by ensuring that our Members who have certification extensions have made a written and formal commitment to comply with the Travelife Standard.  This is important because even a hotel that is closed could be breaking labour laws or causing harm to the environment through things like improper management of chemicals or wasting water.  So we need to know that any property that has been given an extension is doing their best to uphold their sustainability comittments and the only way for use to demonstrate that is through the use of a formal signed document, thus why we are insisting that anyone that has been given a certification extension signs the Declaration and that it has limited validity.

You can click here to view an example of the COVID-19 Declaration of Certification Compliance and please email us if you have any questions.

We are monitoring the location of all of our new Members that are waiting for audits.  As soon as restrictions have been lifted and an auditor is available, we will schedule their audit as normal.

This applies to the following situations: -

  • A Member who was not previously Travelife Gold Certified and due for their second-year audit
  • A Member with a current membership and has had a past Travelife Gold Certification expire (before COVID-19) and never scheduled their audit

We are monitoring all Members that this applies to and will be in touch with them to advise when an audit will be possible.  If they have not paid for any repeat audit, they must do this before their new audit can be scheduled.

All Members who were in the post-audit improvement process in March 2020 have already been emailed.  The Travelife Certifications Team is still working so they have been encouraged to continue with their improvement work if possible.  Those Members that need extensions because their hotel is closed or because of staffing issues have been advised to let us know and we will make exceptions for them as long as they continue to be impacted by COVID-19.  If you missed this  email and are worried about your improvements deadline, please email us at so we can find the best way to support you.

COVID-19 resources from our partners

Produced by ABTA, the UK travel association,  this guide works along side their Accommodation Health and Safety Technical Guide and is available in English, Arabic, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

Click here for download instructions that are strictly for Travelife Members.

GreenerGuest and Intertek Cristal have joined forces to create interactive e-learning for hoteliers with a focus on reducing plastic whilst meeting hygiene standards.  

Click here to access the free training.

GTPI have produced recommendations for the tourism sector to continue taking action on plastic pollution during COVID-19 recovery.

Click here to visit the GTPI website where you can find this information and more details about the initiative.

General COVID-19 news and resources

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This is a list of articles, tools and resources we have found that our Members might find useful.