This page contains a collection of resources we have put together to support our accommodation Members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Click here to answer some questions in a short quiz that will tell you what your current extension status is and what will happen next.  You will need to know the month and year that your membership and certification expires before you begin.  Remember that these two dates are normally different.

Finding your expiry dates

You only need to know the month and year to complete the quiz

If you don't know your membership expiry date, you can click here to find it on the 'Your Account' page on this site

You can find your Travelife Gold Certification expiry date on your Travelife Gold certificate

If you need any help finding these dates then please email us at

All Members with memberships that were due to expire before 30th November 2020 have automatically had their membership extended to 31st December 2020 at no additional cost.

In November we will send those Members a membership renewal invoice.  We are working on more ways to offer support such as freezing our membership fees and special COVID-19 membership renewal discounts. These will be shown when the invoices are sent in November.

However, if a Member is due to be audited because their Travelife Gold Certification is due to expire, they might need to renew their membership if they are open when their audit is due.  There is more information about this under 'Travelife Gold Certification Extensions'.

During the extension period Members will still have access to their membership inclusions such as access to this Member Zone and Travelife Customer Support.

All Members with Travelife Gold Certifications due to expire before 31st December 2020 AND who are closed because of COVID-19 when their audit is due will have their Travelife Gold Certification extended until they open.  Some Members may be eligible for this extension to continue until spring 2021.

Members with certification extensions must have the Travelife COVID-19 Declaration of Certification Compliance document signed by a senior manager at their business.  This document will contain the new certification expiry date and will verify their extension.  If the property is still closed when the new expiry date arrives, then we will give them a further extension.

If a property is open we will expect them to be audited as normal and to pay any membership renewal fee due, although we will be offering special COVID-19 renewal discounts.

If a property has already received a certification extension then reopens, we will expect them to have their audit within 30-days of their opening date and they will also need to pay any renewal fee due before the audit takes place, also receiving COVID-19 renewal discounts.

If a property has an extension with a valid and signed Declaration of Certification Compliance, they will still be able to use their Travelife Gold logo, be listed on the Travelife Collection website and we will include them on our regular updates to tour operators.


Even if a property is open and due to be audited, COVID-19 restrictions may prevent us from sending an auditor to them.  If this happens they will be offered further extensions on a month-by-month basis until Travelife can complete the audit.  They will need to sign a new Declaration of Certification Compliance each time this occurs.

Under normal circumstances we would never extend a Member's certification.  This is to protect the credibility and integrity of Travelife Certification, an important way that we manage reputational risk for ourselves, our Members and the tour operators that support us.  However, the COVID-19 pandemic presents all of us with unprecedented challenges and we know that many of our Members our closed so will not be able to undertake audits, not will we always be able to send auditors to carry out audits due to travel restrictions and general safety concerns during the pandemic.

We have made a decision that while a property is closed, the reputational risk is very low.  However, we still need to take steps to protect our the credibility and integrity of Travelife Gold by ensuring that our Members who have certification extensions have made a written and formal commitment to comply with the Travelife Standard.  This is important because even a hotel that is closed could be breaking labour laws or causing harm to the environment through things like improper management of chemicals or wasting water.  So we need to know that any property that has been given an extension is doing their best to uphold their sustainability comittments and the only way for use to demonstrate that is through the use of a formal signed document, thus why we are insisting that anyone that has been given a certification extension signs the Declaration and that it has limited validity.

You can click here to view an example of the COVID-19 Declaration of Certification Compliance and please email us if you have any questions.

We are monitoring the location of all of our new Members that are waiting for audits.  As soon as restrictions have been lifted and an auditor is available, we will schedule their audit as normal.  If a new Member has a membership due to expire before the end of November 2020, they will already have this extended until 31st December 2020 when we will invoice them for their renewal fee and apply our special COVID-19 renewal discounts.

This applies to the following situations: -

A Member who was not previously Travelife Gold Certified and due for their second-year audit

A Member with a current membership and has had a past Travelife Gold Certification expire (before COVID-19) and never scheduled their audit

We are monitoring all Members that this applies to and will be in touch with them to advise when an audit will be possible.  If they have not paid for any repeat audit, they must do this before their new audit can be scheduled.  If their membership is due to expire before 30th November 2020, they have already had it extended until 31st December 2020.  We will send them an invoice in November as normal and the special COVID-19 discounts will be deducted.

All Members who were in the post-audit improvement process in March have already been emailed.  The Travelife Certifications Team is still working so they have been encouraged to continue with their improvement work if possible.  Those Members that need extensions because their hotel is closed or because of staffing issues have been advised to let us know and we will make exceptions for them as long as they continue to be impacted by COVID-19.  If you missed this  email and are worried about your improvements deadline, please email us at so we can find the best way to support you.

We understand that many of our European hotels close for the Northern Hemisphere winter and that some of them will decide not to open at all in 2020 because of COVID-19.  That is why we have made special arrangements to extend some Travelife Gold Certifications until spring 2021.

If you are another type of seasonal hotel such as a ski resort or a Caribbean property that normally closes for hurricane season, then we are already ready to support you too so please get in touch with us.

We want to support all of our Members through this situation, so if you are any type of accommodation that has unique concerns, please talk to us and we will make every effort to accommodate your needs if we can.


Please click here to read our policy about what happens if you or your auditor needs to cancel your scheduled audit due to COVID-19.


COVID-19 Member Survey

Your answers will help us understand more about how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our Members and to represent the concerns and issues the accommodation sector is facing when we talk to other organisations we work with.  Click here to complete the survey.

New Food Waste Tutorial

Watch this short video we recorded to help Members understand how to comply with the Travelife requirement to record food waste.  We will be developing more videos like this to help you with compliance and preparing for your next audit.


We will be adding more resources to support you over the coming weeks and months.  If you have any feedback or suggestions then please contact our customer support team at 

We have adapted part of our online auditor training for Members who wish to learn more about how Travelife works.

This training would be suitable for: -

Staff working in sustainability or quality control roles

Tour operator purchasing staff

Sales and marketing staff

Any staff members with an interest in sustainability

The training takes a few hours to complete and you can request a certificate of completion at the end.  It is available in Spanish and English.  The training topics include:-

Introduction to Travelife . How certification works . Sustainability Management. Environmental Management . Human Rights & Labour . Community Engagement.  Sustainable Procurement . Guest Engagement . Animal Welfare . 

Individuals will first need to register for the training and the details are below.  This e-learning is exclusive to Travelife Members so please do not share the coupon code with anyone outside your business.  The coupon code must be entered on the payment screen to ensure the training is free of charge for Travelife Members as non-Members will have to pay to access it.


Click here to go to the enrollment screen then click 'enrol'

Complete the 'Billing Information' section on the registration page

Under 'Payment Details' select 'Click here to enter your code' then type in your exclusive Member coupon code: TLMEM20@#

You will then be taken to the Travelife E-learning home page where you can start your training

Once you have enrolled, you can return to the training at any time by clicking here

Click here to view and download the Travelife Sustainability Marketing Guide. 


How to find topics, messages and images to use

How to talk in a positive way about difficult issues

How to use different marketing channels

How to include sustainability on your website and social media pages

How to create a sustainability marketing plan

Tips, ideas and examples


Marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic is difficult, especially when your property and/or the regions where your guests typically come from are facing restrictions.  However, we believe this is an excellent time to talk about your sustainability commitments and achievements.  This allows you to stay engaged with your guests and other stakeholders in a sensitive way that is not directly linked to them making an immediate booking, yet allows you to remind them of all the things that are good about your business, potentially reaching new audiences.

After conducting some online research and reviewing the results of our 2018 Member Survey, we found many opportunities for Travelife Members to improve their sustainability marketing as well as areas where some of you have asked for more support.  We used this information to create a Sustainability Marketing Guide especially for Travelife for Accommodation Members that we believe will offer you many ways to market your property both during this pandemic and beyond.  We have made sure that our advice, ideas and tips cover both small independent properties and large resorts or groups.

The Travelife Collection is a website we have provided so that travellers can find our Certified Members.   You can update your own listing information but first we will need to set up an online profile for you.  If you don't already have one then please complete the form below.  One of our team will then set-up your profile and e-mail you login details along with instructions on how to update your listing.

The best listings have: -

A selection of images

A well-written description

Links to their website, email and sustainability policies/reports.


If you have a profile but have lost your login details, please e-mail our Member Support team at

If you do not have one you can leave this question blank.
Please note that we will only list tour operators that are also Travelife Members.
You can view our Privacy Notice at the bottom of this page.

If you would like us to post about your property on our social media accounts then please complete the form below and upload at least one image.  Travelife may verify any claims you have made to ensure that we are always posting accurate information and we may refuse your post if we feel it is not relevant to our sustainability work or is unprofessional.

The best posts include: -

A good quality image or link to a video

A message about your sustainability initiatives or commitments (this can include announcing your Travelife Gold Certification or re-certification)

For example: Palma, Mallorca or Mallorca, Spain
For example: @abchotels
This should be about a sustainability achievement or activity such as becoming Travelife Certified, organising a beach clean or reaching a target you set. Do not worry if your English is not good, we will edit it for you so that it is correct!
You must upload at least one image for us to include in the social media post. This must be in .jpg or .png format.
Use this to submit any other images or pdf documents. The maximum size is 5 megabytes
You can view our Privacy Notice at the bottom of this page.

We always want to hear from Members that have had success with their sustainability initiatives.  We use this information to: -

  • Inform our tour operators about the excellent work that our Members do
  • Decide if we can use the information to make a formal case study that could be used for training or promotional purposes
  • Create a database of stories that we can use to respond to any media requests we receive, write blog posts and occasional features on our website

Please complete the form below and include any good quality images you have along with any supporting documents such as signs or documents you produced.  Having data is very helpful.  For example, if you reduced your food waste by 20% then we would like to see the numbers that you have to support that.  If you would rather not complete the form you can e-mail your information to our Member Support team at

For example: Palma, Mallorca or Mallorca, Spain
Tell us about your sustainability success story and include as much detail as possible about what you were trying achieve, the steps you took, who was involved and what the outcome was. Do not worry if your English is not good, we will edit it for you so that it is correct!
Use this to submit any other images or pdf documents. The maximum size is 5 megabytes
Use this to submit any other images or pdf documents. The maximum size is 5 megabytes
Use this to submit any other images or pdf documents. The maximum size is 5 megabytes
Use this to submit any other images or pdf documents. The maximum size is 5 megabytes
You can view our Privacy Notice at the bottom of this page.

This is a list of articles, tools and resources we have found that our Members might find useful.  We are adding to this  list several times per week so if you find something that you think might help other accommodation businesses then please send the link to

Coming soon...

ABTA, the UK Travel Association, is developing a COVID-19 crisis response guide for accommodation that focuses on health and safety.  We will share it with Travelife Members as soon as it is available.