Getting started with Travelife

Your business can use Travelife for Accommodation in a number of ways. This will depend on the size of your operation and your plans for a more sustainable business approach. 

Encourage your portfolio to become certified

The more travel companies that encourage hotels to become certified, the more sustainable our industry will be. Whilst we have many accommodation Members who genuinely want to become more sustainable, some of them will only commit to this when they feel commercial pressure to do so. So regardless of whether you have small hotel portfolio or if you work with thousands of hotels, you can have an impact by telling hotels that you are more likely to support them if they can demonstrate their sustainability credentials through certification. Here are some ideas about how you can do this.

Preferred booking policies

Implement a policy whereby your sales staff should always promote a certified hotel over a non-certified one when the customer has a choice. For example, if the customer is looking at two beach properties in the same resort that are of the same standard, then staff should promote the one with Travelife Certification. Once this policy is in place, make sure that all of your contracted hotels know about it. You can achieve this by emailing them, adding an addendum to your contracts and adding text about this to your website.

Responsible travel incentives

Consider offering some kind of reward or recognition to customers that book a Travelife Certified property.  This could be a discount, benefit or simply some kind of recognition of their efforts to travel responsibly in your confirmation materials.  Be sure that your contracted hotels know you have this programme in place.

Adding requirements to hotel contracts

Consider inserting a clause into your contracts that insists the hotel is Travelife Certified before the end of the contract period and make this a condition of contract renewal.  You might decide to phase that in over the next several years by starting with either high-risk destinations where you want to manage your reputational risk in terms of human rights, waste and so forth, or with the hotels where you have the most buying power.   Travelife are very happy to help you with information about how to implement and enforce this.

Staff training and KPIs

Our experience consistently shows that companies are more successful with sustainability when it is ingrained in company culture.  One way to achieve that with sales teams is to measure how often they are booking Travelife Certified accommodation then either recognise or reward that as part of your internal performance measurement programme.  Another way is to ensure your purchasing/contracting staff are well trained about Travelife and also have KPIs relating to ensuring contracted properties are Travelife Certified.  Once again, ensure that your contracted properties know you have this programme in place.

Set and communicate targets

Setting targets and communicating these to your staff, customers and stakeholders, will help create the momentum and commitment required to improve your sustainability impacts.  For example, you could aim to have 100% of your contracted hotels Travelife Certified by 2025.  That may sound ambitious, but if all travel companies work with Travelife to put pressure on the accommodation sector, and encourage consumers to opt for sustainable hotels, then this will have a cumulative effect and thus reduce the burden on any one individual travel company.   Each year you should measure your success and communicate this as a means of showing your commitment to responsible travel.

Use the World Report

We produce this report each week so that our Travel Trade Members can see which hotels are currently Travelife Members and which of those are currently Travelife Gold Certified.  We upload the latest report to the Travel Trade Member Zone as an excel spreadsheet that companies can download.

Some companies use this to update hotel listings on their website or brochures to show which have a sustainability certification.  Others simply refer to it manually when sustainable accommodation is requested or cross-reference it against their contracted hotels to assess how many of them have a sustainability certification.

We produce a version with GIATA codes for GIATA licence holders.  This makes it easier to update your accommodation listings.  If you would like to access that version then please email

Haga clic aquí to view and download the latest World Report.


Logos generales de Travelife

We have two general logos that you are welcome to use on your website in order to explain to your customers what Travelife is.  The ‘Stay Better’ logo is designed for use with consumers whereas we tend to use the ‘Accommodation Sustainability’ logo in B2B communications. Haga clic aquí to find downloadable logos and the Travelife Brand Guidelines.

Travelife certification mark

You can use this on your website and other materials to show customers and staff how to identify a specific Travelife Certified property.  Some travel companies add the certification logo to the property’s individual listing on their website or in their brochure. Haga clic aquí to access a downloadable version and the Travelife Brand Guidelines.

Feature your logo on our website

You can send us your logo along with a link to your preferred web page so that we can feature you as a travel company we work with on our travel trade members page. Tier Two Members will also be able to have their logo used as a booking option on our Hotel of the Month posts provided the featured property advised us that they have a contract with you and we can verify they are currently bookable on your website via a search of your site immediately before the hotel feature is published each month.  Tier Two Members who provide us with their logo will be listed as a travel partner on both the Travelife Showcase y 'who we work with pages'.   Haga clic aquí for more information and to upload your logo.