Hotel of the Month application

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The Hotel of the Month campaign is a way for us to promote Travelife Gold Certified hotels that are doing outstanding sustainability work.  It allows us to feature the hotel in marketing campaigns to tour operators and consumers that will benefit all of our Members through increased awareness of Travelife, and helping to explain why guests should be looking for the Travelife Gold certification mark when booking accommodation.  The winner each month will be featured on our new Travelife Showcase page.

Apply to be Travelife's November Hotel of the Month for child safeguarding

Our sustainability theme in October is animal welfare.  We invite applications from properties with a current Travelife Gold Certification who have made achievements in this area.  Some examples could include:

How you have trained your staff to safeguard children at your property and in your destination.

How you have supported the welfare of children.  For example, supporting education, fundraising to support charities involved in caring for the health and wellbeing of children.

How you engage your guests in protecting and supporting children in your community.

How you protect vulnerable children in your community

There is more information about child safeguarding in the People section of the Sustainability Toolkit that you might find useful to read before you start before you start.  Click here to go to the right page in the Member Zone.

Click here to apply.  Applications close at midnight (UK time) on 31st October 2021 and the winner will be announced the following week.

How does it work?

As part of Travelife's COVID recovery marketing plan that has been designed to support our Members, each month we have a sustainability theme that we use to create content for our website, social media and e-campaigns.  Our campaign schedule is shown on the right.  The month before we will invite hotels that have done good work related to the theme to apply to be featured as the hotel of the month.  Applications will be reviewed by the Travelife team and the winning hotel will be featured on our website and including in all of our marketing for that month.

Who can apply?

Any hotel with a current Travelife Gold Certification that is valid for at least 2 months can apply.  For example, if you want to apply to be the March 2021 Hotel of the Month, your current certification must be valid until at least 31st May 2021.  We will accept COVID-19 certification extensions that have been formally approved by us after you sign the Declaration of Certification compliance.  You can find out more about certification extensions on our COVID-19 support page.

When can we apply?

You can apply as soon as we provide a link to the online application form.  These are on the right of this page and we will be reminding you in our Monthly Member Updates as well as on the front page of the Member Zone.  Applications will close on the last day of the month before the winner is announced.  For example, if you want to apply to be the March 2021 Hotel of the Month, you will need to submit your application no later than 28th February 2021.

Can you apply for more than month/theme?

Yes and we encourage you to do so!  You are welcome to enter every month if you think you have good stories to share or had excellent results in all of the theme areas.

How do we apply?

Please complete the online application form for that particular month and use that to tell us about why you think you should be featured.  You will be asked to upload some photos and you can include a video if you have one.  Depending on the theme, we may also ask you to upload data such as a water consumption or energy report, so that we can check the information you provide is accurate.

Important!  Because of COVID-19, most hotels will not have data or stories from March 2020 onward.  So we strongly recommend that you focus on the work you were doing in 2019, especially if you want to tell us about specific reductions you made in things like water, energy and waste as you will need to show the numbers per guest night.  Sadly, because of the pandemic, most of you will have had very low occupancies or have been closed for most of the time, so the data you have will not be a true reflection of how well you normally perform.

Schedule and themes

If we are accepting applications for a month, then the theme will show in red and you will be able to click on a link to open the relevant application form.  We will also list past winners here along with a link to their website showcase page.


March:  Water conservation winner:  TUI Sensatori Atlantica Dreams

April: Energy and carbon emissions winner:  Kamelya Fulya Hotel

May: Biodiversity winner:  Nissi Beach Resort

June: Food winner:  Neptune Hotels - Resort, Convention Centre & Spa

July:  No winner - no applications received

August:  Community engagement and support winner: TUI SENSATORI Resort Barut Fethiye

September:  Guest engagement winner: TUI BLUE Grand Azur

October: Animal welfare winner: Škvor Holiday Farmhouse

November:  Child safeguarding (accepting applications)

December:  Caring for your staff (accepting applications)


We will let you know about the monthly themes for 2022 later this year.

How we promote the Hotel of the Month

Dedicated showcase page on our website that will stay live as long as you have a current Travelife Gold Certification.

Featured in our monthly Travel Trade Update that is sent to all of the travel companies we work with.

Featured on the front page of our website for the month.

Featured in our monthly consumer update that goes to anyone who joined the mailing list via our website.