We have adapted part of our online auditor training for Members who wish to learn more about how Travelife works.  This training would be suitable for: -


Staff working in sustainability or quality control roles

Tour operator purchasing staff

Sales and marketing staff

Any staff members with an interest in sustainability 


The training takes a few hours to complete and you can request a certificate of completion at the end.  It is available in Spanish and English.  The training topics include:-

Introduction to Travelife . How certification works . Sustainability Management. Environmental Management . Human Rights & Labour . Community Engagement.  Sustainable Procurement . Guest Engagement . Animal Welfare . 

Individuals will first need to register for the training and the details are below.  This e-learning is exclusive to Travelife Members so please do not share the coupon code with anyone outside your business.  The coupon code must be entered on the payment screen to ensure the training is free of charge for Travelife Members as non-Members will have to pay to access it.


Click here to go to the enrollment screen then click 'enrol'

Complete the 'Billing Information' section on the registration page

Under 'Payment Details' select 'Click here to enter your code' then type in your exclusive Member coupon code: TLMEM20@#

You will then be taken to the Travelife E-learning home page where you can start your training

Once you have enrolled, you can return to the training at any time by clicking here