Travelife Technical Committee

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The Travelife Technical Committee comprises a diverse group of Travelife stakeholders.  Rather than meeting on a regular basis, the purpose of the committee is to provide opinions and expertise to help guide Travelife in three specific areas:

Changes to the Travelife Standard.

Appeals made by accommodation providers about certification decisions.

Occasionally providing guidance on unusually complex certification decisions.

This work is generally infrequent and in order to ensure that the most diverse group of stakeholders possible can participate, the committee is never required to meet in-person, with all communications being electronic and any required meetings being held online. Committee members must abide by a code of conduct that asks that they always act independently, objectively and impartially when carrying out their responsibilities.

Click here to view or download the Technical Committee Roles and Responsibilities document that includes the code of conduct.

Application form for invitees

Only Travelife can invite individuals to join the Technical Committee and any such invitations will be sent directly to the applicant from a senior manager at Travelife.  

Your personal data: This form will ask for your name, your country of residence, the name of your organisation and your email address. We will store this information securely for as long as you are a committee member or for 5 years after you resign from the committee.  If for some reason your application is not accepted, we will store this information for 5 years after the date you complete this form.  Click here to read our privacy notice.

This is the email that we will use to contact you regarding Technical Committee matters