Our certification requirements

The Travelife Certification requirements cover the three main areas where the accommodation sector has the most impact.  The requirements are detailed in the Travelife Checklist that you can view further down this page.

The environment

Properties are required to monitor and minimise their environmental impacts across energy, water, waste, wastewater, hazardous substances and biodiversity. From mid-2023 all Travelife Certified properties will be required to measure their greenhouse gas emissions from energy, water and waste.


Travelife Certified accommodation have to comply with all labour and treat their staff fairly. They also must show that they are actively protecting and respecting human rights, training all of their staff about how to identify and report signs of child exploitation and abuse.


Properties with a Travelife Certification must be proactive when it comes to supporting their local community. This includes things like giving information to guests about respecting the local way of life, ensuring they do not hinder community access to important resources and services and supporting a local charity or community improvement initiative.

The Travelife checklist

Our GSTC-recognised Standard contains 163 criteria, however smaller properties and those undergoing their first audit do not need to comply with all of them. Select the checklist below according to your property size to see what is included. Once you become a Travelife Member, you will have access to a comprehensive yet practical suite of tools and resources that will help you comply with each criterion.

Medium, Large & Mega Properties

(maximum nightly occupancy of 161+ guests)

Small Properties

(maximum nightly occupancy of 31 to 160 guests)

Micro Properties

(maximum nightly occupancy of 1 to 30 guests)

Hotel Showcase

This page is where we highlight Travelife Certified properties that have gone the extra mile.


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