The Travelife Auditor Code of Conduct

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The Travelife Auditor Code of Conduct sets out the values and principles that must guide the daily work of Travelife auditors.  The independence, powers and responsibilities of auditors place high ethical demands on Travelife and the individuals it employs or engages for audit work. Travelife believe that the conduct of auditors should be beyond reproach at all times and in all circumstances.  

Any deficiency in the professional and personal conduct of auditors can have serious consequences; the integrity of auditors, Travelife, and the quality and validity of their audit work could be called into question with doubts being raised about the reliability and competence of Travelife itself.

The adoption and application of a code of conduct for Travelife auditors promotes trust and confidence in the auditors and their work.  It is of fundamental importance that Travelife is looked upon with credibility. Therefore, all Travelife auditors must observe and comply with the principles and requirements set out in this Code of Conduct.