Complaints and appeals

A complaint is a formal written communication of dissatisfaction relating to the activities of Travelife staff, contractors, auditors or Travelife Certified members.  These could relate to service levels, compliance with Travelife standards, or any other aspect of Travelife operations.

An appeal is a formal, written request by a Member that requests reconsideration of a certification or compliance decision made by Travelife.

Whereas appeals will only come from Members undertaking the Travelife Certification process, complaints could come from Members, stakeholders, auditors or members of the public.

This pages outlines Travelife's policy and procedures for both appeals and complaints.

Our complaints policy

Travelife are committed to providing high levels of service and professionalism, whether from our staff members, our Approved Auditors or our contractors. We are also committed to the integrity of our accommodation sustainability certification programme. We take complaints about any aspect of our business seriously and are committed to following our Complaints Procedure that outlines how to complain and how we will respond.

Our appeals policy

Travelife are committed to operating our certification program to the highest levels of skill, professionalism and impartiality, and in line with all external laws, regulations and policies that we follow. All subscribed Travelife for Accommodation Members have the right to appeal any decision made regarding the outcome of their certification audit or evaluation of their post-audit improvement evidence. We are committed to fully investigating these appeals and responding to these in a timely manner, and as described within Appeals Procedure.