The certification process

We have summarised the steps our Members follow to achieve Travelife Gold Certification. For more information you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Step 1

Assess where you are at and make any improvements

Use the relevant Travelife Checklist for your property to assess where you are at.  The Member Guides, templates and examples in the Member Zone will help make any improvements you identified during your self assessment.

Step 2

Schedule your audit

Let the Travelife Member Support Team know that you are ready for your audit.  They will allocate an auditor to your property and you will work with them to confirm an audit date.  Click here to learn more about Travelife Auditors.

Step 3

The audit

Your audit normally takes place over one day and can take up to six hours or more depending on the size of your property.  The auditor will need access to all areas, will choose some staff to interview and will need to see a selection of unoccupied guest rooms.  The Member Zone contains more information on what to expect from your audit and how to prepare for it.

Step 4

Your audit report

Your Audit Report will be completed with detailed notes by your Auditor then uploaded into your secure are of the Travelife Technical Zone.  It will then undergo a series of quality checks before it is available for you to review and this process can take up to 28-days.

Step 5

Make any further improvements

When your audit report is ready, the Travelife Certifications Team will advise you about any further improvements you need to make.  You will need to start the improvements within one month and finish them within six months.  If your Audit Report identifies more than 40 areas needing improvement or you do not complete your improvements on time,  you will need to schedule a new audit at your own cost.

Step 6

Travelife Gold Certification

Once we are satisfied that you have complied to the Travelife Standard you will be notified of your Travelife Gold Certification.  You can now be listed on the Travelife Collection website and use your certificate and logo to promote your success.  Your Certification is valid for two years and you will need to repeat this process every two years in order to maintain it.


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