Trial Travelife

Trial Travelife is for accommodation providers who are interested in sustainability certification but want to understand more about the commitment involved and how much preparation they will need to do before they join us as full Members.  

It costs just €75 and when you sign-up for Trial Travelife you will have 60-days access to our Accommodation Member Zone where you will find a full suite of information and resources to help you prepare for certification. 

If you decide to proceed with Travelife Certification the amount you paid will be deducted from your fee.


A selection of short, simple courses that will help your staff understand how certification works, as well as gain more knowledge about specific accommodation sustainability topics such as energy, water, waste, human rights and child safeguarding.


A self-assessment tool that helps you identify what you are already doing well, where you need to improve and the types of evidence Travelife auditors will be looking for.

Auditor checklist

The Travelife Checklists that our independently contracted auditors use to assess compliance during audits.


Over 90 guides, templates and examples that will help you comply with our certification requirements.

How Trial Travelife works

Trial Travelife costs €75 and this will be deducted from your subscription fee if you decide to sign up for full membership. 

Please be assured that if you pay by credit or debit card, we will not automatically charge you for full membership at the end of the trial period.   

When you first join we will send you a discount code for the amount that you paid for the membership trial.  If you decide to join us under our full membership and certification programme, this amount will be deducted from the membership fee. 

If you decide not to sign up to our full membership and certification programme, you will simply lose access to the Accommodation Member Zone after 60-days and will not be required to pay anything further.   

You can view the trial membership terms and conditions here.

If you pay by credit or debit card you will have instant access to the Accommodation Member Zone.  You can pay by bank transfer but this can take up to 28-days to process and you will not be able to access our resources until the payment has been cleared and your trial membership has been manually activated.

If you have any questions please email us at