Our Travel Trade Membership programme helps travel companies manage sustainability in their accommodation supply chain. We offer two Membership options based on the type of support you require.

If you are an ABTA Member interested in improving your own in-house sustainability then please visit Better Places in the ABTA Member Zone where you will find sustainable tourism resources or you can email for more information.   


We are offering travel companies a free online consultation to discuss how we can support you with a more sustainable approach in your accommodation supply chain.  Click here to learn more.



Sustainability is increasingly becoming a hot topic in the media, with stories often linked to the impact of tourism.  In the past year alone there have been headlines around plastic pollution on beaches, animal welfare at attractions, and migrant labour exploitation at hotels.  Travel companies can have confidence that hotels with Travelife certification are far less likely to cause reputational issues and can point to Travelife as a tool for operating responsibly in-destination.


Travelife certified hotels have to comply with strict criteria around human rights, labour issues, environmental management, and community engagement.  These can help travel companies comply with regulations and legislation that impact their supply chain, such as the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and the expected new EU Plastics Strategy.


A recent ABTA survey showed that two thirds of travellers think that their holidays should positively impact the destination they are visiting, and 40% said they are already factoring in sustainability when booking holidays, with that number increasing significantly year-on-year over the past decade.  Travelife can help your customers find sustainable accommodation options by providing you with weekly lists of our certified properties.


Some of our travel trade Members simply want access to an up-to-date list of our properties showing their certification status. Others wish to utilise Travelife as a tool to reach their own sustainability goals. We have developed two Membership tiers to suit each situation.

TIER ONE MEMBERSHIP (€200 per year or free for ABTA Members)

Membership status report

Every week we send Tier One Members a weekly Membership Status Report  that details all of our current Member properties along with their current certification status and GIATA code (for license holders).

Use of the Travelife logos

Tier One Members will receive the Travelife logo that they can use online or in print material to highlight their Membership to consumers, along with the properties in their supply chain that are certified.

TIER TWO MEMBERSHIP (from €250 per year or free for ABTA Members)

In addition to the weekly Membership Status Report and use of the Travelife logo, Tier Two Members receive a number of other benefits.

Annual strategic planning

We’ll work with you on an annual plan to help you increase the number of Travelife certified properties in your portfolio.  This could include a range of activities and initiatives such as e-campaigns, webinars, and joint in-destination activity.  We will provide you with regular progress reports and work with you to adjust plans to meet changing demands and new issues.

Development of communications and support material

We can work with your sustainability and marketing teams to develop a range of material, ranging from co-branded invitation letters, to templates, sales packs, and exclusive offers for concept properties.

Staff training

We can arrange in-person or web-based training for your team members. These might include account managers, country/regional managers, and purchasers.  We can also arrange for key staff to attend up to two shadow audits per year in order to gain a full understanding of what is required for hotels to become certified, and increase their hands-on sustainability knowledge.

Quarterly update

Each quarter we’ll send you a tailored report that includes a summary of activity we’ve undertaken in the past month, a Membership update, and upcoming meetings, events and travel that may be relevant to your sustainability work.


Click here to download our Travel Trade Membership Guide.