Travelife Gold Packs

Lamentamos no haber tenido tiempo de traducir toda la información de esta página al español.

Esta página es para miembros Travelife con certificación Gold vigente.

When you order a Gold Pack, we will send you a package that includes a certificate printed on special gold-embossed card, 2 window decal stickers and an award plaque.  The cost for a Gold Pack is €55 including shipping however it is free for Members who have had continuous Travelife Gold Certification for at least 6-years and ChainConnect Members. To offset some of the environmental cost from producing and shipping the Gold Pack, we will donate €5 to WasteAid for every Gold Pack that is paid for. 

Gold Pack order form

Please complete the form below to request your Gold Pack.  It is very important to get the delivery address correct to avoid your pack going missing.

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This is the number the courier can use if they need to get hold of you.

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