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Introducing Lindos Sun Hotel in Greece, our June Hotel of the Month for food

Throughout 2022 we are featuring Travelife certified properties that have gone the extra mile with their sustainability work.  This month we congratulate Lindos Sun Hotel for their work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from food.

Designed in a classical Greek style and with panoramic views the Mediterranean Sea, this property has recently achieved its sixth consecutive Travelife Gold Certification, demonstrating a long-held commitment to operating sustainably. In addition to a number of environmental practices they employ to minimise water consumption, energy use and waste, Lindos Sun Hotel has been proactively working to improve the environmental impact of the food used in their business. 

In this article we published last year, we explained why food is such an important climate change issue, especially for accommodation where food often plays an important role in the guest experience.  We are very pleased to see Lindos Sun Hotel join a number of other Travelife Certified properties that are taking action in this area.  

The measures Lindos Sun Hotel have put in place cover the three main ways we can all reduce greenhouse gas emissions from food; buy only what you need so that you waste less, buy local and buy less animal products.  For example, this property has reduced the purchase of meat by promoting traditional Mediterranean dishes that contain more vegetables and legumes, and less red meat. They have also reviewed where and how they purchase their food from to look for ways to support local suppliers and now almost all of their vegetables are grown locally. Finally, they have increased the number of meals they in front of guests in their show kitchen, an exciting centerpiece of their restaurant.  This helps to reduce food waste because they are only cooking exactly what an individual guest orders.

Rhodes, Greece

Hotel | Resort

75 rooms



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