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Introducing TUI Sensatori Atlantica Dreams in Rhodes, our March Hotel of the Month for water conservation

Each month in 2021 we will feature a property that has made outstanding achievements in sustainability.  Our theme in March is water, so read on to find out what TUI Senstatori Antlantica Dreams has done to achieve excellence in this area...

TUI Sensatori Atlantica Dreams was chosen to be the Travelife hotel of the month due to their innovation and investment water conservation. 

This Greek property uses an energy efficient desalination process to treat seawater so that it produces clean water that can be used at the hotel.  This minimises disruption of the local fresh water supply and reduces the carbon emissions from water sourcing.

After use, the wastewater is treated onsite using innovative membrane bioreactor technology that restores the water to a condition that is safe to use for irrigating their grounds, with any overflow going back to groundwater.

This is an inspiring example of a business taking a circular economy approach to create solutions that minimise environmental impacts and reduce stress on local resources, ultimately resulting in more efficiency in their own operations. 

Atlantica Hotels & Resorts employ a number of other excellent initiatives across their group that support the communities they operate in and improve their environmental footprint.  For example, they organise regular beach cleans and tree planting days, and continually remind their staff about ways to save energy and water.  A variety of other initiatives saw the group reduce their total energy use by 11% between 2017 and 2018, and a 17% reduction of water consumption over the same period.

Property profile

Rhodes, Greece

Leisure resort and spa

372 rooms

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